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PATH: The Free Way

What the !%& is a “Path”? A path is a strategy that you as an artist can apply in order to achieve success. Typically, we try to showcase a less traveled road and ideas that contrast the traditional approach of distributing music, build hype through social media and other “regular…
February 4, 2022
How to

Hur man importerar filter till Lightroom

Ladda ner appen Lightroom till din mobil. Importera filerna som slutar med .dng till din mobil från Google Drive. Starta appen Lightroom. Tryck på den blåa knappen med en bild och ett plus på nere i högra hörnet.  Importera filen .dng från kamerarullen genom att trycka på den. Bilden kommer…
January 31, 2022

How is Rexius Records different compared to other options?

We don’t see ourselves as a traditional Record Label. We're rather an upcoming music company in a broader perspective. Think of a combination between a record label, media company, and innovation hub. When describing our differences, we often get a great response on our way of working and vision. That…
March 18, 2020
How toProject


In this FAQ we have aggregated quick answers to the most common questions we receive in a project. For an outline of the project and what will happen when, please look at the Project Guide. Why can't we release in just 1-2 weeks when everything is finished? We have a…
October 31, 2018