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Artist Development

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How we use social media

A record label should use their social media channels to promote their artists, right? When we started out, we looked at what other record labels did for their artists, because “they must know how to do it”. Back then, the algorithms were different, and you could reach more or less…
February 25, 2022
Artist Development

The Basics of Artist Development

Music is awesome, right? I know it might sound a bit dumb, but in the end it's the reason we're all doing this — whether this involves writing, producing, distributing, marketing or simply enjoying. We're here for the music, but there's another aspect to this discussion that in our opinion often…
Albert Frykman
April 6, 2020
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Best Practices – Spotify Ads

We’ve put together a list of best practices to make sure your audio ad is approved for placement and optimized so you get the most return for your budget. Currently, we are only able to target people in United States. Requirements: Max 30s WAV or MP3 Max 6mb Call-to-action is…
March 30, 2020
Artist DevelopmentProject

Preparations before the Big Brief

To Prepare A playlist with your previous releases blended together with your musical influences and songs you feel are related to your music. Fill in the Artist Archetype Form and send to at least 5 day before the big brief. To think about Look at your existing press photos/artwork/instagram…
July 11, 2018
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How to Make a Visual Identity

It’s time we get back to your identity, but this time focusing on the visual aspects. This is important because often things like your album artwork or Instagram posts will be the first impression people get from your music. Visuals can be just as important as the music, and when…
March 14, 2018