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So it’s time for release, what can you focus on?

Followers to Spotify

Make sure as many of your fans as possible is following you on Spotify. All extra followers will greatly increase our chances to pitch to Spotify Editors and will be beneficial to Spotify’s recommendation algorithm for Release Radar, Discover Weekly, Radio and New Releases.

Force people if you have to!

Collaborate with other artists

If you haven’t started collaborations with other artists by now it’s really time to do some serious work. Try to engage other people in your project. Ask them what they think about your artwork, give them a pre-listen, make a playlist together with them.

The reason to do this is to get as many people as possible to get the first approval of your music. It’s always better to let someone else push your music and give their approval than yourself nagging about it.

Follow and interact with influencers

Start to follow the top 10 most relevant bloggers and other influencers that you are interested in pitching your music to. Just to be on their radar will make it much easier for us to pitch your music when it’s time. Start a habit to comment on their social media posts and start a conversation with them. If you are a loyal follower they will notice you when your music is pitched.

Pre-Order iTunes

Not that many are using iTunes nowadays, but there’s still a few laggards out there! By pre-ordering approx. 30 tracks in total you have a chance to reach top iTunes chart positions in your genre. This is great exposure and will also be great as social proof for upcoming releases and when pitching to other influencers such as Radio, blogs and so on.

Update Header image

Use the Release Visual: “Facebook Header Pre” to use around 2 weeks before the release date on your Facebook to get people ready for your upcoming release.

Don’t Dilute the Facebook Algorithm!

Remember to not spam your followers right before the release. If you are posting a low engagement post such as “1 day left” that can ruin all your algorithmic clout and the next important post about your release will be less effective.

Release Plan Template

We’ve made a simple release plan in google spreadsheets for you to copy and adjust to your needs.



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