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We are able to send song credits & liner notes for your releases to music streaming services. Now, why is that important?

At the moment, on Spotify and Apple Music there are a limited amount of information about who has created the music, also known as “Meta Data”.

Often, the only thing they know about you is:

  • Song name
  • Album name
  • Artist name
  • Genre
  • Language
  • Release Date

It’s not as common to display the extended song credits such as:

  • Songwriter (Lyrics and Composer)
  • Musicians (The ones who has performed on the album)
  • Producers (and beatmakers)
  • Designer (of the album artwork
  • Photographer
  • Other people involved (Arrangers, Choirs, Managers, etc)
  • Studio
  • Social Media Links
  • Contact information
  • Shout outs and thank you’s
  • Lyrics



Why is this important?

First of all, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to give credit to all people involved?

Second, the more information you can give the fans, the more they can get into you as an artist.

Third, we need the information to be able to distribute your songs correctly. We don’t want to be unsure whether the Songwriter’s name is spelled Mathias or Mattias or if John or Eric wrote the song.

We also start to see that streaming services are getting serious about Meta Data. Spotify has announced they are going to show songwriter credits in their app. Tidal shows artists’ Social Media links. Apple Music shows lyrics. You can tell Amazon’s Alexa to “play the song that goes I’ll be Waiting for someone like you”.

There are some cool features already showing up like getting synced lyrics to your Instagram Stories. (Please make sure to format your lyrics correctly, see here)

Through our distributor, we can send a lot of information to the streaming services, they might not be able to handle everything at the moment, but who knows in the future? Let us help the streaming services to build cool stuff which will help you become more successful and get to the next level!

Reach out to your release manager to get the link to your release.



  • If you can’t submit the form, it’s probably because you have left out some required information. Make sure you have filled in all required fields.
  • Submit one form for each song in your release. Do not submit once for the whole release!
  • Track order, please specify 1 if it is a single. If EP/ Album, please specify in which order you would like the song to appear in the release 1,2,3,4..
  • Format lyrics this way: How to format lyrics.¬†Short tip: Just add lyrics. No other information.

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