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When are we releasing?

Roughly 45 days after all production is finished for a digital release. In other words, when Artwork, Master(s), Press Photos and Meta Data has landed at Rexius Records. Read why here.

Do you register the work on STIM and SAMI?

No, basically we can’t register your work without taking a percentage on the Composition. We are a registered publisher at STIM so if you would like to register it for you we have to take a cut and make an agreement. Read more about it here.

Should I create a company for my music?

We recommend that if the revenues of your musicianship per year are above 30 000 SEK you should start a company. But not until then. There is a second alternative if you would like to be able to pair up costs against revenue. Which is to use Bolagskraft a collaboration partner to us. Please contact us for more info.

Can you please give me feedback on my songs?

Of course, read this article on how.

On which channels do you recommend we spend the ad budget?

This depends on what kind of goal you have with the release. Usually, we see a lot more engagement and return on investment on YouTube over Instagram and Facebook. Then we should not forget about Deezer, Google Ads. And Spotify ads (if you have a really big budget).

Do we need to think about something special before entering the studio?

Regardless of if you’ve never previously been in a proper recording studio or if you’re an experienced recording artist, there are a few things all artists should do before they head into their recording session. Read about it here.

Should I register myself on STIM and SAMI?

We can see the value in both. It’s really a matter of preference how you would like to execute your release. If you release the music video the same day as the whole Release you may get a bigger impact on the release day. However, if releasing it a week or two after, you will have more communication touchpoints and you spread out your message over a period of time.

How do I get my music on Genius?

Anyone can add a new song on Genius, learn how here.

Can you help me create merch?

Certainly! We want to scale up the merch sales of our artists and we have quite a cool product and process for doing this.

How will I receive Royalties?

Here’s how.

Do you upload music to Sveriges Radio’s music portal?

Yes, we will do it around the time of the release date.

Do you have any tips on social media?

Sure we have; here and here!

Do we upload the music video on Rexius Records or my own YouTube channel?

We recommend uploading on your own channel since you will be receiving the subscribers and establish your YouTube channel geared towards your fans. Our own channel’s main target audience is other artists that is interested in our Record Label per se. It’s not really relevant info for them to receive a music video from our artists. However, we will of course help you with tagging videos and optimize it for the best result.

What are the requirements on Artwork, Masters etc?

Read about them here: Master, Artwork, Press Photos and Release Visuals.

Can you help me set up ads, and in what way do you recommend it?

Of course, if you have added us as an editor to your social channels we can set up paid ads to your channel but on our expense if there’s an ad budget in your contract. Handy right!