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These are our requirements for the end result after a mix and mastering.

Remember to deliver everything into the Recording Google Drive Folder for the project.

Filetypes: WAV +  MP3 320 kbps (

Versions: Original + Instrumental + Vocal in both WAV and MP3 320 kbps + 15 second outtake for promotional use.

Tagging: Every song should be named with track order + song title + version.

For example 1. Sympathy for the devil – Original.

Distribution Standard WAV requirements

  • Supported format is WAV (PCM)
  • Bitrate not lower than 1.4Mbps
  • Sampling rate not lower than 44.1KHz
  • Bits per sample must be 16 or 24
  • Minimum 2 channels (stereo)
  • Should originate from a high-quality source

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