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Welcome to the final stage of your music project with Rexius Records! To ensure a smooth process and the highest quality for your music distribution, and increased chances for success in promotion: please follow these guidelines for mixing, mastering, and file submission.

Before you submit: Distribution Standard WAV Requirements

To comply with our distribution standards, your WAV files must meet the following technical specifications:

  • Loudness: The track’s loudness should not exceed -10 LUFS (-4db of Loudness Penalty). Why is this important? See our article on loudness penalty)
  • Format: WAV (PCM)
  • Bitrate: Not lower than 1.4Mbps
  • Sampling Rate: Not lower than 44.1KHz
  • Bits Per Sample: Must be 16 or 24
  • Channels: Minimum 2 (stereo)
  • Source Quality: Must originate from a high-quality source

File Submission

Where to Submit:

Please upload all files to the designated Google Drive Recording Folder for your project.

File Types and Versions

  1. File Types:
  2. Versions Required:
    • Original Mix (both WAV and MP3)
    • Instrumental Version (both WAV and MP3)
    • Vocal Only Version (both WAV and MP3)
    • 15-Second Outtake for promotional use (both WAV and MP3)
  3. Tagging Format:
    • Each song should be named in the following format:
      • Track Order + Song Title + Version
      • For example: “1. Sympathy for the Devil – Original”

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