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Before entering a music studio

Regardless of if you’ve never previously been in a proper recording studio or if you’re an experienced recording artist, there are a few things all artists should do before they head into their recording session. Doing these things will not only save both you and your producer some headaches, but…
Mathias Rexius
March 14, 2018

Requirements Audio Master

These are our requirements for the end result after a mix and mastering. Remember to deliver everything into the Recording Google Drive Folder for the project. Filetypes: WAV +  MP3 320 kbps ( Versions: Original + Instrumental + Vocal in both WAV and MP3 320 kbps + 15 second outtake…
March 12, 2018

The Feedback Process

The most important factor for success in a release project is the quality of the songs. That’s why we’ve implemented a feedback process to be able to help you get the most out of your songs. Our aim is never to affect your creative direction. We just offer our advice…
March 12, 2018