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Make sure you have followed the below instructions before sending the job to Rexius Records.

All release material should be delivered according to the Marketing and Visual Guideline made from the Big Brief together with Rexius. Rexius Records has the right to deny any material which does not meet the requirements both qualitative and technical.

Remember to deliver everything into the Visual Google Drive Folder for the project. 

By uploading photos to the drive folder means you give us the right to use these photos in any marketing effort.



Press photos

Must always be delivered in high resolution JPEG. Best quality sRGB Color Mode. Minimum height or width of 3000px. Please don’t upscale images, make sure you get the images in the right quality to begin with. If you’re unable to do this, send an email to your Art Director and make sure to explain why.

Don’t forget:

  • Two Press Photos per single, three per album.
    • At least one should be in landscape, and at least one should be in portrait.
  • If possible, please deliver both high resolution (HR) and low resolution (LR) versions of your photos.
  • All the photos have this file name structure:
    • [Artist Name] – [Short Description] – ([HR/LR]) – [Photographer]
    • Example: Rolling Stones – Logo – HR – Kalles Photography
  • Deliver everything into the Google Drive folder.
  • When the files are delivered, you grant Rexius Records the right to use all the visuals in promotion, distribution and other reasonable efforts as well as the right to give others the same right.
  • We will credit the photographer if the photographer wants to. If the photographer would like to be tagged with social accounts in social posts, this information needs to be sent to us.

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