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Make sure you have followed the below instructions before sending your artwork to Rexius Records.

All release material should be delivered according to the Marketing and Visual Guideline made from the Big/Small Brief together with Rexius. Rexius Records has the right to deny any material which does not meet the requirements both qualitative and technical.

Remember that copyright applies to all visual components in your design. Make sure that you have the right to use all visual elements in your artwork, including everything from photographs, and textures to fonts.

When an artwork is delivered to Rexius Records for a digital release we have the following requirements.

Digital release

  • Filetype: JPG, best quality (9-12)
  • Geometry: Perfect square
  • Minimum Size: 3000 x 3000 pixels in size. (No upscaling)
  • Maximum Size: 6000 x 6000 pixels in size. (No upscaling)
  • Quality: Best quality RGB Color Mode (this includes black and white images).
  • Titles: If you’re including the name of your song/EP/album on your artwork, note that it needs to have exactly the same spelling and formatting as they appear on the metadata. So if your release is called “DIVA”, it has to appear as DIVA on the cover, not Diva or diva. The same applies to your artist name and featured artists. Write their names exactly as they appear on Spotify.

When we need the artwork for printing purposes (posters, merch, or physical covers like CD/vinyl) we would also need the artwork in CMYK.


Please deliver three versions of your artwork:

  1. Final version. Highest possible export.
  2. High resolution. Max 6 MB.
  3. Low resolution. Below 1 MB.

Please name your files in the following manner, be sure to include the designer/photographer credit:

  • [Artist] – [Release Title] – [Content type] – [Designer/Photographer credit] – [Final/HR/LR].jpg
    For example: “Pink Floyd – The Dark Side Of The Moon – Artwork – John Doe Design – HR.jpg”

Make sure the artwork doesn’t contain stuff that stores will reject: 

  • A website address (URL)
  • Twitter name
  • The terms ‘Exclusive’ or ‘Limited Edition’
  • Any image that’s blurry, pixelated, rotated, or poor quality
  • Unlicensed/stock photography
  • Prices
  • Store logos (such as iTunes or Spotify)
  • Nudity
  • Gross stuff
  • References to physical media (example: “CD” or “Compact Disc”)


Delivery and rights

Upload the file to the Visual Google Drive Folder for the project.

Send the LINK to the google drive file to A&R and Art Director at Rexius Records (not the file itself).

When the files are delivered, you grant Rexius Records the right to use all the visuals in promotion, distribution, and other reasonable efforts as well as the right to give others the same right.

We will credit the designer of the artwork (please let us know if and how you would like us to give credit).

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