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Video can be a great format to communicate your artistry.

The general concept of the branding video is to catch the essence of who you are as artists and convey your brand to your audience.

The branding videos could be shaped in many different formats. It could be an interview with you or another concept. Let your imagination flow. See some examples here and here.




What is important when creating a branding video?

  • The video should be professionally recorded and edited.
  • The video should match your brand
  • The video should be delivered either directly on your YouTube or Facebook-channel (so we don’t need to share large files)
  • Should be around 30s – 3 minutes.

Some things that can be useful:

  • Be clear what you would like to communicate. What feelings do you want to give to the audience? What should they remember / do after viewing it?
  • It could be helpful to have your Brand Archetype in mind when creating the video or use your MV Brief when brainstorming ideas.
  • If ambitious, create different versions with different lengths and/or with different endings to use pre or post a release (or without any call-to-action or text so that you can use it all year long).
    • Instagram Story length = 15s (2019-03)
    • Instagram feed video length = 60s (2019-03)
  • Try to be different and take risks, try to do something that no one else does rather than copy “the normal way”.

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