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How much will I make from one spotify stream?

This really depends because Spotify’s royalty calculation is not that simple.

Simplified, the factors affecting the amount Spotify will pay is:

  • Which country does the user come from playing your song
  • Is the user Premium or Free user
  • How many times has the person streamed your song during that day

When we take a look at our own numbers we see royalties ranging from $0,001 to $0,0078 on Spotify. For our catalogue, and to the countries we are reaching out to, we use the number $0,003 in average per stream to calculate. Please have in mind that this could differ from your specific release. In the end you will know for sure once the statement comes.

To estimate your own royalty cut, you could use this number and multiply it with the amount of streams for a certain period and your cut of the royalties. For example: 0,003* 100 000 * 50% = $150.


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