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We strive to make our releases as efficient and cost effective as possible. During the years we have tried and tested a lot of things, in order to figure out what best utilizes the artist budget. After years of experience, we’ve realised that there’s a lot of things that we’re better of not doing, like sharing the song on our socials or arranging release parties.

This doesn’t mean that there is no value to doing these things — just that the time and resources we have available are better spent on things where we can make the most impact. Just like a hammer is really effective tool for nails, but terrible for screws — some things are better done by a label, and some things are better done by an artist.

Artist often asks us what they should do before a release, and this article aims to give a precise and specific answer to that question in the form of a checklist. Below you’ll find all the things that you as the artist can do to make an impact on your release with Rexius Records.

Before Release Date:

  • Make sure you don’t have any pending requests from Rexius such as:
    • Soundcloud access
    • Meta Data sent
  • Upload any video material (release content, music videos) to YouTube
  • Read the expectations document from us (or go through it again)
  • Register on STIM and SAMI (if you haven’t already)
  • Received pre-save link
  • Make sure all your social media profiles are  updated
  • Announce release on Social Media
  • Contact music blogs in your genre and pitch your songs personally
  • Follow release content plan from Art Director (if applicable)
  • Plan release party

Release day:

  • Share the song on all your social media
  • Interact with your fans & friends on social media
  • Reach out to your friends and family with private messages and share the link.
  • Update your Spotify for artists with an artist playlist, recommended songs or add a photo gallery to your profile.
  • Throw a release party, invite artists and journalists. (write article). Remember to take photos! Give free beer to journalists. Make them feel special.


  • Register on Musicbrainz and fill in information. Example of tagging. according to our sources, Spotify is crawling this web page and this may help the Discover Weekly Algorithm.
  • Utilize the free way strategy (if relevant).
  • Update your artist pick in → Profile
  • Share you upcoming concerts on Ticketmaster/Eventbrite/Songkick/AXS listings so they appears on Spotify
  • Upload Release on Bandcamp, make it free but fans can choose to pay for your album.

Content creation:

  • Bulk create social media content. See this list for ideas
  • Create a merch page on Shopify and connect with Spotify (expensive)
  • Create an Artist Playlist on Spotify and add to your profile. (write articles on different kinds of playlists)
  • Create remixes, or find producers who could do remixes of your track for a royalty cut of the remix.
  • Make a low budget music video or special purpose video such as a 45s instagram video (verse + chorus)
  • Record a low effort cover and release on YouTube and Soundcloud.
  • Make a fan-made music video. Ask fans to take selfie footage of themselves singing along to your song

Communicating / Collaborating:

  • Share the pre-save link
  • Book live performances
  • Respond to your comments on Facebook, YouTube, Instragram etc.
  • Reach out to other artists and try to collaborate with them. Features, live performances, production.
  • Follow and interact with relevant influencers on social channels
  • Follow and interact with related artists in your genre and size
  • Create a TikTok challenge
  • Do an AMA on social media
  • Hire a celebrity on cameo to give you a shoutout
  • Do some low cost local marketing in your hometown or familiar cities. Record store, newspaper, posters, gigs
  • Engage in your favorite music community on Reddit


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