AMPlifier (Artist Management Program) – Intense

$299 / month

✔️ Access licensing pitch

✔️ 80 min A&R coaching/month

✔️ Aggregate 200 coaching minutes

✔️ Career support desk

✔️ Check-ins every 3 months

✔️ Start-up Meeting

✔️ 24 feedback credits

✔️ Resources and Network

✔️ Access to add-ons

✔️ Music data analytics

✔️ Access to merch solution



You are never…

  • giving up a percentage of your income, except for the songs you choose to sign a licensing deal for.
  • obligated to sign a licensing deal for any song you create, even if we’re involved in the feedback process.
  • giving up your master recording rights, even in a licensing deal.
  • giving up any of your publishing rights, even in a licensing deal.
  • bound to deliver x amount of songs, we work for you — not the other way around.

You can always…

  • cancel the A.M.P agreement at any time, for any reason.
  • pause the A.M.P agreement for a month, for any reason.
  • request a new A.M.P agreement after cancelling.
  • request our help regarding anything not specified above, if there’s a cost involved — we’ll tell you what it is before you agree to anything, and what kind of results we’re expecting.

We promise to…

  • always be 100% honest with you, whether it’s regarding feedback on songs or visuals, or in recommending Scoped Services. We’re not here to offer you things you don’t need.
  • always listen to your concerns, and meet them with respect for your individual needs as an artist.

never force you to do something that isn’t right for you as an artist, at the end of the day — you are the custodian of your brand, we only ever offer our recommendations.

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