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Meet Our Team


Mathias Rexius

Rexius Records started as a one-man project in the old, tiny apartment of our CEO Mathias. Educated at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, his years as a death metal guitarist and producer made him aware of the hard conditions for independent artists in the industry. Mathias never imagined what leading a thriving Swedish music company would feel like, but there you have it!

Magnus Torstensson

A wise and down-to-earth advisor, Magnus’ eagle eye for project management and problem-solving has been of assistance for big companies dealing with everything from nuclear power to music. Our very own strategist studied Industrial Engineering and Management at Lund University and Politecnico di Milano. His tactical experience makes him a humble leader of our company.

Simon Renström

Our art magician and brand champion leads our artists on their visual journey. With a long career in design and advertising under his belt and a burning passion for music, he's a natural at turning artistic visions into breathtaking reality with his diligent hand.
Project Manager

Anton Hedberg

Our tall, kind-hearted project manager has a background in Cultural Studies from the University of Gothenburg. Anton is also a music writer and a guitarist with top-notch fashion choices at Day Felice. A former ice hockey sensation, he is a natural team player who oversees the development of our artists and keeps all of our projects rolling.

Adam Rexius

From touring in Europe with his metalcore band to a desk job at Rexius Records. Adam has always been looking for new challenges and new hobbies, but music has always stuck with him. He’s got a solid music educational foundation, but his interest and passion for music have taken him much longer, into many countries. Music brings us together!

Niklas Jacobsson

Niklas is a real music lover with a true appreciation for the greats and is a dreamer for the music of tomorrow. With a bachelor's degree in musicology from Linnaeus University and a lifetime spent in the studio, Niklas spends his time finding the classics of tomorrow.
Albert Frykman

Albert Frykman

Our own swiss-army knife ranging a lot of skills such as programming, music production, marketing and visual production. Sometimes his mouth slips being all blunt but he’s really a sweetheart in a lot of other aspects and makes the funniest remarks at the company’s meetings. He also works as a producer for our hip-hop projects.
Tomas Olsson

Tomas Olsson

Our humble and experienced chairman Tomas has been working with music in one way or another for over 30 years. Many Swedes might have seen his face on TV, where he performed as a drummer hundreds of times. Others got a glimpse of him playing with everyone from The Spotnicks to Peter Green (Fleetwood Mac). Tomas' advice continues to help us sail in the best direction.