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The primary purpose of Resource Tokens is to introduce a level of flexibility into our otherwise rigid and standardized projects. We want our projects to be standardized to make them efficient and cost-effective. However, this rigidity can sometimes be a hindrance when unexpected opportunities or needs arise during the project. This is where Resource Tokens come into play.

Resource Tokens serve as an adaptable tool in the project management framework, allowing you to steer what you need help with, but also enabling you to easily obtain assistance on-the-go. With this, there’s no need to define everything precisely at the start of the project. Instead, it allows for the capitalization of arising opportunities.

The idea behind Resource Tokens is more of an added bonus provided on a project. The tokens cannot be refunded or transferred into cash back. This system is in place to offer more adaptability in our projects.

Conversion Table for Resource Tokens

Tokens can only be spent on in-house team capabilities.

Here’s a preliminary list of services you can convert your tokens into:

ServiceToken cost
Booked Meeting (Project Manager, A&R, Art Director) (40 min)10 tokens
Visual Edit (per request up to max 20 min)5 tokens
Video Edit (per request up to 20 min)10 tokens
Legal Review by our COO (per request up to 40 min)30 tokens
Artwork50 tokens
Mix/Master50 tokens
Web Development (40 min)20 tokens
Written Translation (40min)10 tokens

Please note, these rates are subject to change and adjustments as deemed necessary. If you have any specific requests or questions about what capabilities we can offer, please reach out to your project manager or A&R.


How do I spend my resource tokens on a project?

You tell us, we keep track of the resource tokens in our project management system.

If the above services are included in my project, do I still need to use the resource tokens?

No, for example, if your project includes smaller visual edits, it won’t use your tokens. However, if you would like to go beyond the scope of the project, then the tokens are used.

Where can I see how many tokens are left in a project?

The Project Manager keeps track of your tokens left. At the moment, we don’t have any more advanced system than that.

Is there a way to add more tokens during the project?

Please reach out to your A&R if you would like to add more tokens.

Amount of tokensPrice (+ VAT)
5 tokens$45
10 tokens (17% discount)$75
30 tokens (25% discount)$200
100 tokens (33% discount)$600
300 tokens (35% discount)$1755

Please note, these rates are subject to change and adjustments as deemed necessary.

Can I refund my tokens or convert them into cash?

No, tokens cannot be refunded or converted into cash. They are a tool to provide flexibility in our projects and not a financial instrument.