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We stand up for any artist striving for growth and independence no matter genre, or the number of fans. What matters is the music itself and the passion for getting a little bit better every day. Inspired by music we grow our business together with great musicians and we see ourselves as a team trying to get to the next level.

We believe in an equal world where we respect and are kind to each other no matter who you are. That means we don’t tolerate any kind of discrimination. Should this happen to/by any member of Rexius (Owners, Employees, Partners, Artists, Fans or any kind of associate) please let us know and we will take action accordingly!

We believe that real change is connected to actions rather than words. Therefore we don’t communicate political viewpoints. We try to lead by actions and not fancy words.

We have personally seen the destructive nature of drugs and its tremendous negative effects. We do not want to see this happen to you, so please don’t be stupid!