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How do I make international payments?

Our primary method of payment is through International Wire Transfers using IBAN / BIC, just like a standard (international)  bank transaction. 

Here’s the workflow post-signing:

  1. After you sign the agreement, we send out a form for you to fill out, asking for invoice details.  Here, you can specify if you’d like the invoice made out to a company or an individual. If you opt for a company, you’ll need to provide a valid organization number or VAT number. 
  2. In the U.S., you’ll need an LLC or equivalent, and in Europe, a validated VAT number is required. Please make sure your number is validated (by this service) before sending it to us. Our VAT is: SE556942466501
  3. After we receive your invoice details, you can expect to receive the advance invoice within a few days. We currently process billing 1-2 times a week.
  4. You’ll receive an invoice that includes the details you provided, as well as our IBAN and BIC numbers for payment.

Alternative Payment Methods:

  • If your bank doesn’t support international transfers, or if you would like to save on transactional and currency exchange rates, you can use Wise for better exchange rates in most cases.
  • We occasionally accept PayPal, but be aware that this comes with roughly a 5% fee. We’ll only go this route if you specifically request it, and you need to add 5% to the invoiced amount.
  • We occasionally accept payments through credit cards if no other method is available for you. Please reach out to us in the invoice details or before we send the first invoice to you.
  • Other payment methods, if you have a specific request for another payment method. Please send a request to us, and we will assess the possibilities.

Feel free to choose the payment method that suits you best.

What are the international bank/invoice details?

Account Number: 8105-9 704 208 643-4
IBAN: SE8080000810599347453020

If you need our physical address:

Rexius Records AB
Åvägen 24,

My bank charges a fee for international transactions. Do we split it?

Banks can have significant charges for international transfers and foreign exchange rates. We recommend using Wise. We do not cover any transaction fees since the project budget is based on the price we need to fulfill the project. This is also covered in the agreement.

I’m having trouble converting the amount to US dollars (or other currencies). Can you help? 

Understanding Currency Conversion

We get that currency conversion can be confusing sometimes and Swedish kronor might not be the biggest currency in the world. However, all our transactions are set in Swedish Krona (SEK) for many reasons.  When you make a payment, your bank will automatically handle the conversion from SEK to US dollars, or any other currency, based on the current exchange rate.

Quick Ways to Estimate Conversion:

To get a quick rough conversion you can simply search  “SEK to Dollar” on Google. Please note that this will give you a ballpark figure and the actual rate will likely be a bit different due to bank fees and fluctuating exchange rates. Make sure to set the actual invoice amount in SEK, and not your currency, when handling the transaction since this will typically lead to either paying too much or too little. 

Example 2023-09-26: 1000kr was equal to 90,23 USD according to Google. Which means 1 USD = 11,07 SEK.

I think you have invoiced the incorrect amount, I have spoken with my A&R of something else:

Sometimes human errors occur, or if there was a special request and the handover between the A&R and financial department wasn’t complete, or there’s been a misunderstanding. The payment plan are typically clearly set in the agreement, but we also know that misunderstandings can happen. If so, please reach out to both and CC your A&R and clearly clarify what’s incorrect or has been misunderstood.

I’ve just transferred the first amount. Can I confirm you’ve received the funds?

We don’t have an automatic payment confirmation. But if you send this request to we will reply to you with a confirmation the next time we process the incoming payments which is typically once a week. Up to this date, we haven’t seen a transaction go AWOL.

I have received an invoice reminder, but I have already paid, what gives?

When this happens, typically it is one of three scenarios. 

  1. The invoice was not paid in full. Typically, make sure you haven’t missed the 25% VAT, so make sure to look at the outstanding amount on the invoice reminder. Please pay the invoice as soon as possible to avoid reminder fees.
  2. The invoice was paid recently, but we haven’t received the amount yet or processed it. Overseas transactions can sometimes take a couple of bank days + weekends. Please let us know and we’ll make a note and watch for it in the upcoming days.
  3. The transaction didn’t go through or you missed an invoice. Please review your payments and make sure to compare the invoice number with the ones you have paid.

What is required to send a VAT-free invoice?

To send a VAT-free invoice, artists need to provide one of the following:

For us to withdraw VAT, we need either:

In Europe:

A validated VAT number is required. Please make sure your number is validated (by this service) before sending it to us. Our VAT is: SE556942466501

Outside Europe:

  • A document showing your VAT registration outside the EU.
  • Any business registration document from your home country, showing you are a taxable person. For example
    • Tax documents that show their self-proprietorship income, with sensitive details redacted.
    • Business registration documents from the IRS, like CP 575 or CP 2100.

If you cannot locate these documents, you can:

  • Contact the IRS at +1 (800) 829-4933. (the United States)
  • Log in to their online IRS account.

Does the type of LLC I register matter? What is needed to withdraw VAT outside the EU?

Any LLC is considered a “taxable person” by our understanding. So, choose the LLC type that best fits your business needs.

Do I need an LLC, or is an EIN/federal tax ID enough?

If the EIN is for your company that will pay the invoice, it’s fine. It must be the same organization that pays the invoice.

Can I reclaim the VAT even though I don’t have a company?

In some cases you can get the VAT back from your local tax authority even though you don’t have a registered company. This depends on the country you are located in and the local tax rules.

We can’t provide a complete list of countries where this is applicable but we have got indications from lawyers in the US that this is possible as an example. Contact your local tax authority and research the possibilities!

The way this works is that you will still get an invoice from us with VAT, but you can apply to reclaim this sum from your local tax authority. Please store a copy of the invoices and your other income and expenses regarding your music career.

I don’t have a VAT number or company number but want to create one. Can you bill after this?

Yes, but we’ll send the first invoice with VAT and then wait a maximum of 2 months, for the following payments. Starting a company can be a heavy bureaucratic and time-consuming process. Both in the initial setup but also an ongoing obligation. So make sure you actually assess if it is worthwhile in the long run to maintain a business, and not just for this project. We recommend starting a company when you have around $3000 in yearly revenue.

Depending on your country’s legislation, you can typically claim VAT back up to 6 months after the company is started. Since we are no tax lawyers, please check what applies to you. 

Can I delay my payment by one month?

We know that life can happen to anyone and therefore we have a policy to postpone one invoice for a month without delaying the project, no matter the reason. If more time is needed, we’ll have to pause the project, no matter the reason. Communication is key here, so please let us know.

 We’ll update the due date on the current invoice and delay upcoming invoices accordingly.

I paid, but missed the 25% VAT or made another significant error. What should I do?

Review the invoice in Fortnox, note the remaining amount to pay, and make a new payment with the same invoice reference. We will match it to the correct invoice in our bookkeeping system. 

Our bookkeepers will also regularly review invoices and missing amounts and send reminders.

Can I revise my payment plan?

We understand that financial situations can change. Keeping the momentum of your project is important to us, so we’re open to discussing a revised payment plan that works for you.

However, it’s worth noting that modifying a payment plan isn’t always feasible for a few reasons:

  • Contractual Obligations: Depending on the terms agreed upon initially, it may be legally challenging to change the payment structure midway through a project.
  • Cash Flow Impact: A change in the payment plan could affect our ability to manage operational costs and may impact other projects or commitments.
  • Operational Constraints: The more adjustments we make, the more complex our accounting and financial tracking becomes, which puts an administrative burden on our team and incurs additional costs.

While we are empathetic to changing financial circumstances, these potential challenges mean we can’t guarantee anything but are willing to explore the options with you. Feel free to reach out so we can look at what’s possible within the framework of our agreement.