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Social media is, in its essence, a relationship tool. It will help you connect with your audience and build a relationship between you as an artist and your fans. It’s also a splendid way to express your brand and communicate what kind of artist you are. Therefore, you should create content that invites people to talk with you and talk about you, rather than using social media as a “storefront” where you just tell people about your new release, because that kind of content isn’t social. The most important part of Social Media is to post content that gives value to your fanbase. There should always be a clear purpose of why someone should interact with the things you’re posting.

It’s important to regularly update your social channels in order to:

  • Be appealing towards fans.
  • Have a professional look towards partners & potential collaborators.
  • Stay relevant and top of mind.
  • Make it clear to music services that you’re an active artist



The purpose of a Facebook page is to present a more polished, curated artist page with announcements and events. Facebook is a perfect platform to thank external sources like blogs and other influencers for supporting your music, as the feed a user is presented with is algorithmic and they’re only shown information considered relevant or interesting to them. Facebook has a tendency to favor images, events and videos. Content that keeps the user on the site longer gets a bump in the algorithm, so try just best to create content based on that.


Having an active profile on Instagram is a more personal way to communicate with your fans. While Facebook is more professional, Instagram is a great way for personal on-the-go updates and keeping your fans in the loop about what’s going on in your life. 

Instagram is the most visual medium out there. With every post containing some sort of imagery, it is important to balance coherence and variation in the content. The media-focused platform also results in quality being of the utmost importance: Instagram punishes bad camera quality and generally unprofessional posts.

Instagram also has a story feature which is a great way to give the raw unfiltered experience where your fans really can get to know you. In your story, content moderation and image quality is less in focus, which means you can be less picky when it comes to what you post.

When working with instagram, you have two different media to work with: Feed and Stories. While the Feed is a part of your profile that’s visible all the time, Stories are only visible for 24h if you don’t save them in a highlight. Use these two media together to enhance your message. If you post a nice video of yourself singing in your Feed, post the bloopers in your Stories and ask your followers to visit the clip in your feed for some nice tunes too. While in the feed, hint about the bloopers in Stories. 

Highlight Stories with some main themes. Brainstorm topics to utilize. These topics should help your audience get to know you and your brand. Some ideas: Collaborations, Shout-outs, Music that inspires you, Studio Sessions, Your Releases.


In terms of engagement and interaction with fans or other artists, SoundCloud should be treated as Social Media. Since SoundCloud acts as both a distributor and social media, the main focus of the platform is the music you share. Both the music you post and the tracks you repost from other artists count.  

Coherency Checklist

  • Use the same URL for all your socials, like this:
  • Use the same or similar profile pictures on all your socials.
  • Have up-to-date pictures, including profile pictures and headers. 
  • Write a good bio, keep it catchy and memorable. Include keywords of your music style and link to your website or Spotify. Write about who you are and what you do, and ask people to check out the link in the last line. 
  • Keep a coherent profile on all your socials.
  • Follow other relevant artists, musicians and people from the industry in the same genre/niche as yours.
  • Cross-link all your Social Media. Everything should be linked from everywhere! 
  • Collaborate with other artists/relevant influencers to leverage each other’s audiences. I.e. giving shout-outs, tagging them every time you’re featured on a picture/article/collab, etc. 
  • Make a content plan to make sure you update your channels regularly.
  • Include clear “Call to Actions” in your content. Examples: Click on a link, listen to a song, comment on your post, answer a poll, etc.
  • Always have a clear idea of the purpose of your content.
  • Be nice to others.
  • Remember to be social and interact. 

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